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“Please God not men” – WMSCOG

The World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) testifies all the truths of the new covenant set by Jesus 2000 years ago. As written in the Bible, only those who keep the new covenant are entitled to become the children of God and God is to become their God. (Jer. 31:31~33). Then, are you a true child of God?

다운로드 (2)In resent study, I found the fact that there are over 40,000 denominations of Christianity here on earth , Wow! Which shows that people have many different perspectives about the bible and interpret it differently according to their thoughts. In this case, I think that anybody can be called a cult depending on the situation that they face. Otherwise, as some people say, Can all Christian doctrines be called the gospel of kingdom of heaven that give us salvation once we have “faith in Jesus” ? So, Can all Christians be saved under the name of Jesus regardless of denominations, or doctrines ? Not really. We should remember that  this is what God prohibits.

“I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book.  And if anyone takes words away from this book of prophecy, God will take away from him his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book.”- Revelation 22:18-19-

Which means that we should follow teaching of the bible as it is. then, only the bible should be the criterion to judge “cult” or not.

Do you have a right to call someone “Cult”?

Judge for yourself what you are ;

According to the bible, the “cult” is following not teachings of the Bible but man-made teachings instead (2 Peter niv 2:3). We should beware of man-made teachings as the bible warns us (Isaiah niv 29:13,Matthew 15:7)

1. Cult does not keep the Sabbath testified in the Bible(Luke niv 4:16, Act 17:2), not Sunday worship(?)

2. Cult does not celebrate the Passover of the new covenant established by Jesus as testified in the bible (Matthew niv 26:26, Luke niv 22:19)

3. Most contemporary Christians keep Christmas[on Dec.25th] as Jesus’ birthday. In fact, Christmas is one of many pagan festivals, we can’t find any single line about it in the bible. Even not in the winter time, it is said in the bible that the night when Jesus was born in, was warm enough so that shepherds could feed their flocks in the field (Luke niv 2:8~)

4. Cult reveres a Cross, an idol originated from Pagan Rome.(plz check, Encyclopedia Britannica). We must not even make any shape of idol (Exodus 20:4) Cross is a type of execution tool used for crucifying “brutal criminals”, and is not the symbol of Jesus Christ. It is said in the bible that Jesus endured the cross, scorning its “shame”(Hebrew niv. 12:2 )

Sunday service, Christmas, Cross idolatry….God has never taught us these things, quite the opposite, I am afraid. These are nothing but teachings of men which we should beware of and there is no record in the bible or other religious books that apostles practiced one of these. Then, why should we do now without any biblical proof ?

Many Christians say we should follow the truth of images (45)Early church, then what is that? Plz find out in the bible what God (from Jehovah to Jesus )wanted to establish for giving us the forgiveness of sin,the cause of death (Jeremiah niv. 31:31, Matthew 26:28)

That’s the feasts of new covenant  (incl. Passover).Therefore, Early church established by Jesus followed the new covenant feasts and its apostles including Paul preached it to people for the salvation.

That’s the reason why the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG)observes the feasts of the new covenant as testified in the bible,such as Passover (not Holy communion )and the Sabbath day (7th day of the week), Woman’s veil (1Cor 11:13-16).

Plus, the Church of God doesn’t set up the Cross that was a symbol of many brutal criminals since the ancient times , not Jesus.

Everyday, I, a member of the World Mission Society Church of God, will do my best to please God not men by keeping the new covenant feasts.

3 replies on ““Please God not men” – WMSCOG”

On that day, God will judge all things before men!
Those who followed the Bible with all their heart will be rewarded with the crown of life while those slander God’s ppl will be thrown into the lake of fire!

Who sacrificed on the cross due to our sin ? It’s only God Almighty! He bought our lives with His precious blood and we belong to God, so i want to please God by keeping His law.

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