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[World Mission Society Church of God] Church of God in Kuala Lumpur visited the Ampang Old Folk’s Home_WMSCOG

[Overseas news / Malaysia]

 Church of God in Kuala Lumpur visited the Ampang Old Folk’s Home

Date : May 31, 2013                                                                Press : Namyang Newspaper

Delivering happiness with a performance for fifty elders (30th of May, Ampang) Church of God located in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, delivered happiness for 50 elders through a special event, in their visit in Ampang Old Folk’s Home.
The members of the World Mission Society Church of God (General Paster Joo-Cheol Kim) visited the old folk’s home and warmed up the people around them, holding a feast for the elders.
Performing marial arts; Kung-fu, Hapkido, and a vignette(finding the true parents with a small bag), the Church of God members got rid of boredom and monotonous contents that the elders had living in the old folk’s home, and also enhanced their pleasure with nutritious drinks, korean sweet red-bean porridges, and homemade bread.
Secretary of the welfare committee in Ampang Chia Soon Seong said, the elders had a great time with the performance and wished the members of the Church of God to revisit.
“The elders didn’t even bother going to the restroom. They were mesmerized by the Kung-fu, vignette, and singing.”
One of the members of the Church of God Chia Ling Ling said, “It was a great opportunity sharing happiness with the elders.”
Learn the wisdom of life through the elders
She also said, “Since we can learn the wisdom of life through the elders, they deserve to be respected.”
The Church of God was founded by Ahnsahnghong in 1964, and including the present church in Malaysia, there are currently 2,200 churches around 170 countries.
Not only the Church of God does missionary works, but it also hosts many environmental cleanup activities, blood drives, and visits old folk’s homes and orphanages, all based on God’s love.


[Photo]  (above on the left) Waiting for the performance, the elders are watching a promo video of the Church of God.  (above on the right) The members of the Church of God are singing ten golden oldies, performing their dance routines that they have prepared, continuously for a long time. (below) The Church of God members and the Ampang Old Folk’s home residents.


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3 replies on “[World Mission Society Church of God] Church of God in Kuala Lumpur visited the Ampang Old Folk’s Home_WMSCOG”

I’m so happy to hear of News abt Kuala Lumpur. I’ve lived a few years. Now world mission society church of God does the activities around world for the proclaiming of Christ ahnsahnghong and God the mother

The World Mission Society Church Of God organizes various kinds of community services to bring love and hope to people and produce good effect on society. It is the way we share love of Elohim God, God the Father and God the Mother.

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