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[Essay] Only Bright Smile Must Appear on Mother’s Face_God the Mother_WMSCOG

When the mother and the child were passing by a candy shop, the child started pestering,

Mummy, I want candy. Candy!!”

“No. Since mommy’s got no money, I’ll get you next time.”96

“Candy!! Candy!!”

Without concerning her words, the child kept on insisting.

The mother’s face hardened.

Once the child pestered, she wouldn’t stop.

Mommy said, I got no money! Stop pestering!”


The child sadly cried after getting a spank on her butt.Rain On My Shield

Sensing her mother, the child stopped crying.

Though the child stopped crying, the mother started to cry..

Mummy. Don’t cry…

The child wiped the mother’s tears with her hands and cuddled in her mother’s arms.

After few days, the mother and the child passed by a toy shop.

Feeling sorry for the last time, the mother asked the child.

“Have anything you want me to buy for you?”150

“No Mummy. After you’ve got a lot of money you can buy me one!”

Considering the child’s age, she should have behaved like a child.

But the child already became mature, which made the mother feel bad.

After that very day, the child never asked her mother to buy something for her.

Not even once…

Though I can barely remember that incident, my mother always wipes her tears whenever she tells me about that day.

During hard times, I can imagine how heartbroken she must have been not being able to buy even a candy or a small toy for me.

Though ten years have passed, she must have regretted so much because she moves into tears whenever she talks about that day.

The painful memory engraved in my mother’s heart makes my heart feel bitter.

Mother, don’t cry no more.133

I am a happy person who grew up with your love, and that love retains in my heart.

I earnestly hope that only bright smile can appear on your face.”


 Heavenly Mother

You are the reason of our life and You make us realize Your true love the whole world has not yet known.

We love You, with all her heart and soul.

We(World Mission Society Church of God; WMSCOG) thank You(spiritual Mother; God the Mother) very much for guiding us to the Kingdom of Heaven!

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4 replies on “[Essay] Only Bright Smile Must Appear on Mother’s Face_God the Mother_WMSCOG”

Without being born again spiritually, no one can enter the kingdom of heaven, so as to repay Heavenly mother’s love and sacrifice, i will die everyday like apostle Paul and be born again….see the heavenly kingdom with Heavenly Mother.
1 cor 15:31[I die every day–I mean that, brothers–just as surely as I glory over you in Christ Jesus our Lord. ]

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