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[Essay] Mom’s holiday_God the Mother_WMSCOG

When I was three, my dad’s sudden death led my mom to the workplace.

156She worked in a mart where she bended over and trimmed and packed vegetables.

Working for ten hours a day, she only had ten days off in a year.

Even when she had her day off, she didn’t rest.

She woke up early as usual, did the laundry, cleaned the house, organized clothes, and all the housework without any rest.

Mom, can’t you sleep in on your day off?”153

Feeling all grouchy, I would complain to her.

Without saying a word she would finish up her work, and during the afternoon, she would prepare some snacks that she usually couldn’t make because she was busy.

Forgetting about how we complained; that we had to wake up so early, she was just pleased to see us munching in the snacks.

Though she could have rested for at least a day, she wouldn’t use any of her day for herself.

Her four daughters grew up like that.

Thinking about those times, my face becomes red and get all choked up.

Since the day of creation and until now, Heavenly Mother is still working without rest, not even resting a day.

Oh, Heavenly Mother154

Where is the end of Your sacrifice?

I now want to give Heavenly Mother a comfortable time of rest.

I want to give joy to God the Mother with what I can do; bearing ten talents.


▶We( WMSCOG; world mission society church of God ) give thanks to God the Mother(Heavenly Mother; New Jerusalem) for giving us through great sacrifice and love and  leading us to the eternal heaven where is the place without any death, sorrow, and pain.

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4 replies on “[Essay] Mom’s holiday_God the Mother_WMSCOG”

Parents were born fist than us
That’s why they have to sacrifice and give endless love for children
but, Children are hard to give endless love for their parents
Therefore, i feel so sorry to Heavenly father, ahnsahnghong and Heavenly mother

Heavenly Mother is spending most of her time for her children ,not even a single day for herself. surely knowing that her life on earth is too difficult, she came to this earth to serve us !

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