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[Essay] Then you will look and be radiant _World Mission Society Church of God_WMSCOG

This is a story about a senior sister in Zion.

Though she has children who are in the truth, she had to go through many troubles because of another son who occasioned her much anxiety.

When she couldn’t hear from him when he left the house, she shed so much tears waiting for him to return.

110She even got sick, and day after day she got emaciated.

Whenever I visited her, I would feel so bad, that I really wanted to find her son for her.

One day, I stopped by her house in a long time.

With my surprise, she looked great and even looked gorgeous.

Her son finally returned after two years.27

Not only filial children, but also disheartening children must live together as a family.

She must have been so anxious without knowing if her son was dead or alive.

Though I’ve never experienced the pain of being apart from my own child, just by looking at her really hurt my heart.

For a long time she had been heartbroken, and now that she has met him, she looked so radiant.

Seeing her, I realized parents and children are one body, and an inextricable relationship.

44“ (Isaiah60:5) Then you will look and be radiant, your heart will throb and swell with joy…”

Since I didn’t know how it was like to “look and be radiant, God made me realize through my senior sister.

Waiting around on the outskirts of a village, Heavenly Mother anxiously waits for Her children to return.

I want to find my lost brothers and sisters and make them repent, so that I can make Heavenly Mother “look and be radiant.”


▶ We(World Mission Society Church of God; WMSCOG) believe in Christ Ahnsahnghong(Heavenly Father; the 2nd Coming Christ) and God the Mother(Heavenly Mother; New Jerusalem) as our Saviors in the age of Holy Spirit.

Have you heard about God the Mother who has come to this earth in the flesh as the love and sacrifice Herself for our souls??

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3 replies on “[Essay] Then you will look and be radiant _World Mission Society Church of God_WMSCOG”

Heavenly Mother looks the happiest when she is with us, her children.
That’s why she is with us now in this sinful world. No matter how hard it is, if she has been second chance, she will choose to go same path for being with us
All thanks and praise be to Heavenly Mother.

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