Christ Ahnsahnghong God the Mother WMSCOG

[Essay] Child’s Pain_God the Mother_WMSCOG

I received a call from my child’s school that she hurt her finger.

57I got that call during my doctor’s appointment.

As soon as I hung up, I postponed my appointment and frantically ran to her school.

Worrying about my child, I forgot how sick I was.

Before even asking how my child was, I hugged her and cried.

While getting her finger treated, she was in so much pain that she trembled her whole body and grabbed my hand tightly.

It was heart-rending.

53I wish I could be hurt instead of her, because it wasn’t easy for me to see my child in pain.

After I was relieved when her treatment was finished, I noticed that my whole body was all in sweat, and my face was covered with tears.

Wiping my trace of tears, I thought of my Heavenly Mother.

When I was in pain, Heavenly Mother must have felt much more pain than the pain that I had to go through.

I earnestly give thanks for Her infinite love.


How precious and great ! sacrifice of Heavenly Mother(God the Mother)….62

It is boundless, that it can’t be contained in the universe.

How can we fathom it?  We can’t measure it,….

We give You everlasting thanks

We(World Mission Society Church of God) believe in Christ Ahnsahnghong(Heavenly Father; the 2nd Coming Christ) and God the Mother(Heavenly Mother; New Jerusalem) as our Saviors(the Spirit and the Bride)a who came to this earth according to the all prophecies of the Bible in the age of Holy Spirit.

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3 replies on “[Essay] Child’s Pain_God the Mother_WMSCOG”

Leaving all Heaven’s glory behind, Heavenly Mother came to this world full of sinners. How can I count Her numerous sacrifice that She has been through for us, sinners? I truly want to change to please Her.

Every day, Heavenly Mother sacrifices herself for her children’ sins…eventhough it’s so painful,such her love will never change. She will continue sacrificing herself for us to fully repent and with her love, we will be able to see a new heaven and a new earth with Heavenly Mother and Father, Christ Ahnsahnghong!

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