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Father's Voice


As usual, I threw my bag in my house and went to Angela’s house.131

Angela lives next door and we were friends since five.

Since both of my parents worked, I often stayed in her house, did homework, and played together.

Her house was really different from mine

Angela had her own bedroom, lots of books, and even had movies that we didn’t have.

These are the reasons why I went to Angela’s house on a daily basis.

Staying there, I always imagined that her house was mine.

“What do you want to play today?”88

After finishing up our homework, we pondered.

We finally made a decision to play with paper dolls.

Drawing beautiful princesses, we cut it out and started to play.

While we were playing for quite a while, Angela’s mom came and said,

“Angie, dinner’s ready.”

“Mommy… I’m not hungry. Can’t we play some more?”65

“No! It’s already six. It’s time for dinner.”

Hearing that, I saw the clock’s hand pointing at 6.

“Jenny, let’s play some more.”

“But I also need to go for dinner.”

“You can eat with me. Mom, let Jenny join us.”

“Yeah, Jenny. Let’s have dinner together.”

Meatloaf, mashed potatoes with gravy, chocolate puddings… All of my favorite food were set on the table which made me salivate.

“Wow! Looks so good!”2

“Eat up.”

Angela’s mother placed a big chunk of meatloaf on my plate.

When I just started to gulp in…

“Jenny! Jenny! Dinner’s ready!”

I thought I heard my father’s voice.

Though it was a faint voice, no other person but I could surely realize whose voice it was.

My father kept on calling me.

‘If I go home, we will only have baked beans. I’ll just finish it up quickly.’

I tried my best to avoid his voice.39

It was when I almost finished my plate.

“Mrs. Wybrants?”

It was my father.

“Oh, coming!”

Angela’s mother quickly went out.

“Is Jenny here? It’s time for dinner, but she wouldn’t show up…”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I should have let her go early. Jenny, your dad’s here!”

Poutingly, I went…

“Dad! You didn’t have to come for me.”73

“You were late for dinner. Since you didn’t answer, I came for you.”

“But I already had dinner here.”

“Really? I didn’t know. Thank you Mrs. Wybrants.”

When we got home, I saw that the food was still set on table.

“Dad, you didn’t have dinner yet?”

“How could I? You didn’t come home. I waited for you.”

As usual, there were only baked beans on the table.

“I’m stuffed.”46


My father finally had his cold beans for dinner.

In my childhood, I wasn’t concern of my father who couldn’t eat because of me.

I only considered myself, having delicious food, and neglected his voice.

Why was I so immature? Thinking back in the old days, I feel so sorry.

Likewise, I think my soul is committing the same mistake.78

“Come back my child!”

Didn’t I avoid Heavenly Father’s earnest voice?

Wasn’t I only chasing after my joy?

I now want to be the child who considers His voice and a child who can give Him joy.


 Heavenly Father, Christ  Ahnsahnghong! how much did You love us, sinners…..

To make known to us, things of heaven that we could not know due to our sin and pride,

You alone walked the  desolate gospel path of  sacrifice Yourself for our salvation for 37 years as prophesied in the Bible..

Glory to Christ Ahnsahnghong who give us  light of truth through Your voice , lead us Heavenly Mother(God the Mother; New Jerusalem) who the source of living-water.(Rev22:17)

And we  thanks to You, Elohim God  from the bottom of our heart  for letting us go into eternal heaven where will be no more death or crying or pain…

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3 replies on “[Essay] Father’s Voice_Christ Ahnsahnghong_World Mission Society Church of God_WMSCOG”

Coming to this earth is too hard to God
He is almighty God
Why does he come down to the earth?
Bcoz of the sins of the world
The mankind had committed sins against God in heaven, their country
But, ppl have no any memories of Heaven
So, Christ ahnsahnghong came to let us have a memory of heaven and God

Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother are waiting almost for 6,000 yrs until we are able to fully repent our sins and realize their love from bottom of our heart.

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