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[Essay] Missing my hometown_World Mission Society Church of God_WMSCOG

07Missing hometown, heaven is the word I have heard for all those years; therefore, I guess I have been living in gospel and saying habitually, “I have to go to heaven; I really have to go to heaven.”

Thankfully, Heavenly Father(Christ Ahnsahnghong) and Heavenly Mother(God the Mother) guided this foolish child to Brazil, the farthest country from Korea to find enlightenment.

For the first two years in Brazil,I spent busy time adjusting myself to the local life and preaching the gospel there.

But then whenever I passed by some things like pine trees, bottle grasses and cockscombs, which I could easily see in my hometown, I unintentionally missed my hometown.

65Now it’s been 3 years since I came here and I can’t help missing my hometown.

I really missed Heavenly Mother as well as spiritual families and all the memories in Korea kept popping up in my head.

However, thinking of brothers and sister here, I could’ bear to return home.

Meanwhile, I happened to read a text sermon titled, ‘missing home, heaven and the waiting’.

When I began to read it, I was in tears before I knew it.

I even chocked up with missing Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother so much.

‘Oh, Father and Mother, I really missed You so much. You must have brought me here in Brazil so I could have this earnest mind.

Then I could understand how much Heavenly Mother would miss our heaven a little.69

Mother who still waiting for Her children to realize the truth fully, in spite of Her wish to go to heaven immediately where Father dwells….

I truly give thanks to Father and Mother for bring me this far place and allowing me to miss Heaven this much.


▶Are you missing our eternal hometown, Heaven?

Christ Ahnsahnghong(Heavenly Father) and Heavenly Mother(God the Mother)  as our Saviors in this age of Holy Spirit led us to go into oureternal hometown, Heaven through the Bible. Please refer to this UCC Video below for the details.

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3 replies on “[Essay] Missing my hometown_World Mission Society Church of God_WMSCOG”

How nice! there is our own home to return in heaven. We should go back home where Father, Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother….and us used to live together!
Let’s not forget that only children of both God the Father God the Mother can enter the heaven.

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