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[Essay] Eat well and be healthy_God the Mother_WMSCOG

Eat well and be healthy

   79 _World Mission Society Church of God

“Caitlyn, eat your breakfast!”

Without considering my urgent voice, there she goes again dawdling…

“If you don’t hustle, you wouldn’t make to school!”

Another usual talk that goes every morning to my seven-year-old daughter, wasting her time; not wanting to eat her breakfast.

27  As they always say, “breakfast is the most essential meal of the day,” my child would grow well when she had hardy breakfast, but when she didn’t, she would get sick quite often and wouldn’t grow.

I try my best for her to eat breakfast, but it doesn’t seem to work out easily.

One day, I happened to notice myself putting pressure on her to eat up her breakfast.

Though Heavenly Mother gave me spiritual food every day, I noticed that I was stubbornly dawdling like my daughter.

In the meantime, though I was preaching the words of life to others, I wasn’t quite full with the Holy Spirit, but lacking 2%. It was all because I haven’t taken my spiritual food regularly.

6We need to eat three meals a day regularly for us to maintain a healthy body.

Likewise, I realized that we consistently needed to eat spiritual food with thanks, elaborately prepared by our Heavenly Mother for our souls to grow strongly.

Despite of all this, it was a common thing for me delaying; becoming all lazy and saying to myself, “I’m too busy today,” or “I have lots of things to do, I’ll do this tomorrow.”

Now I began to realize that I shouldn’t delay no more.

For me to realize, Heavenly Mother(God the Mother) showed myself through my daughter.

Through her, Heavenly Mother makes me feel how Mother considers me and hastens me every morning for me to eat up my spiritual food.

For breakfast, I would have strengthening food called fragrance of Zion, for lunch, I would be ruminating with Father’s hidden manna – the truth of green feed, and for supper, I would be drinking Mother’s water of life that she pours down on us at all seasons of the year.

32  Through this, I would like to become a mature child who gives a smile on Mothers face.

Not leaving this foolish, dying child all alone, reviving me with spiritual food, and leading me to the eternal kingdom of heaven; I give eternal thanks for Her great love and grace.


Have U Heard about the tree of life?

We(World Mission Society Church of God; WMSCOG) believe in Christ Ahnsahnghong who brought us the New Covenant Passover(Tree of life) and opened the way to the kingdom of  Heaven according to all the prophecies of the Bible. He led us to Heavenly Mother(God the Mother; Spiritual Mother) who give us eternal life as the source of living water in this age of Holy Spirit. Please refer to this UCC for details below.

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2 replies on “[Essay] Eat well and be healthy_God the Mother_WMSCOG”

Heavenly mother make us be healthy with spiritual food, the word of God
Even Christ ahnsahnghong left last message that ‘ Study the Bible hard, pray earnestly, preach the gospel ”
The faith comes from hearing the word of God

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