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[Essay] Even to the deepest Invisible Parts_God the Mother_World Mission Society Church of God_WMSCOG

“You broke the cup! You should have been careful washing the dishes.”

I heard my husband’s voice in the kitchen.

When I went there, I saw the cup largely chipped on one side.

If I was the one washing it, I definitely should have noticed since it would’ve made a large noise while it broke.

79   But since I couldn’t remember, someone else must have washed it.

“Ah!!!    I think Nathan must have done it washing the dishes.”

Hearing that, my husband furiously said,

” Don’t let Nathan wash the dishes no more!”

Yesterday, I had a terrible migraine.67

While I was lying on the sofa, my son said to me,

“Mom, you’ll get cold.” 

And covering me with a blanket he said,

“Aren’t you tired? Take a rest, and I’ll do the dishes.”

56   Seeing my 8th grade son washing the dishes, he looked so sweet and I felt so proud of him.

Because of my son, I could take a nap.

I thought I heard a loud noise in my sleep, but I didn’t worry because the dishes were very sturdy.

I guess that was when it broke.

I explained the whole story to my husband and asked him for a favor.

“Please forget about this incident. How can I scold Nathan who was so sweet?”

Quietly, I hid the cup somewhere my son couldn’t see.

Though he broke a cup,I truly wantedto protect his heart; considering his mother.

80When I preach the gospel, I often make mistakes.

What would have happened if God scolded me,

“Don’t ever try to preach again, I don’t need you for God’s work!”, whenever I made mistake?

Just like our Heavenly Mother who considers and embraces even our small gifts and hearts, I truly want to be a child resembling Heavenly Mother.


▶ We(World Mission Society Church of God; WMSCOG) believe in God the Mother who made the truth known to us who had been in anxiety, impatience, depression and complaint, and gave us the true peace and boundless great blessings. Thank  Christ Ahnsahnghong(God the Father; the 2nd Coming Christ) and Heavenly Mother(God the Mother) so much for coming in the flesh to this earth to seek Their sinful children and give us eternal life with the  unbounded sacrifice and patience.;)

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6 replies on “[Essay] Even to the deepest Invisible Parts_God the Mother_World Mission Society Church of God_WMSCOG”

I’m too small to do God’s work
But, God the father ahnsahnghong n God the mother chose me as a child of them
That is great gift to me in the world
I love them so much

Maternal love can be found in many living creatures on this earth. This is the shadow of Heavenly Mother’s love towards Her children.

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