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[Essay] God the Mother is the best medicine_World Mission Society Church of God_WMSCOG

A few days ago, son lied to me but was sharply scolded when the truth got out.51

He started to lie at the age 12 because he got scared of his mom and dad since then.

At his confess, my heart ached so much and I tried to hug and love him a lot, hoping to fix his bad habits.

One day, he wanted to sleep with me and dad because he felt scary being alone in his room.

53Then, my husband bellowed at me, blaming that I am raising him just like a baby.

“It’s going to be emotionally tough and scared at his age. We’d better cover his mistakes and keep him warm to ride out this situation.”

Finally, he agreed with me and since then, our couple has tried to have a conversation with him as much as possible before the bed time.

As the day got colder, the room became warmer than the living room so we decided to sleep in the living room.

All of us could have a nice talk together every day, lying side by side on the floor. Listening to the new song, I embraced his face and asked him lying next to me.

89From now on, let us stop bad behaviors like lie and continue to please Heavenly Father and God the Mother by loving all the more with mom and dad.”

This boy grown up so quickly enough to wear the same size of his dad answered, “Ok” and then threw himself into my arms.

Being with him, God the Mother suddenly came into my mind.

62Now I think I know why She came down to this earth and is grabbing each hand of every child to give Her unconditional love, without rejecting all pains and sorrows.

The best medicine to cure all disease of our sins should be very YouGod the Mother.”


▶ Have U ever heard about God the Mother? She has already come in the flesh for us, dying souls according to all prophecies of the Bible!

World Mission Society Church of God(WMSCOG) believes in Christ Ahnsahnghong(God the Father) and God the Mother has come in the flesh to this earth with the free gift of the water of life.

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