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[Essay]The Acrylic Board and the Cutting Mat _God the Mother_WMSCOG

Preparing for the Last Day of the Feast of Tabernacles, 42we all divided into teams to create invitations to be handed out to all families, acquaintances, and neighbors, for them to receive the water of life given freely by Heavenly Mother(God the Mother).

Seeing brothers and sisters cutting papers on top of an acrylic board and a cutting mat, the Overseer asked us a question.

  “What’s the difference between this acrylic board and the cutting mat?

We all simply answered that the material, the name, or the size, is different.

Then he said,

“Look at them carefully. They have been numerously cut with knives.

One of them seems to be damaged that we can even see with our own eyes, but you can’t see any damages on the other.

Don’t you think they resemble our hearts and our Mother‘s?”35


Though She has been hurt from numerous thorns of sins, Mother would never show how hurt She was…

She just bears and endures silently.

Even hearing small advises from our brothers and sisters we would show how hurt we are.

Our hearts are all full with faults.

That doesn’t mean that the cutting mat is undamaged.

If you look at it closely, there are small and deep cuts made to it.

But outwardly, it seems to be clean and undamaged.

I only considered my pain, just wanted to be served, and didn’t want to have a broad mind for my brothers and sisters.

Repenting for what I’ve committed, I made a resolution that I would be a child who bears and endures; resembling  Heavenly Mother.

41Considering the teachings for my salvation as a burden, I always complained, blamed, didn’t realize brothers’ and sisters’ consideration, and envied.

Didn’t endure nor gave thanks and just showed off my hardships just like the acrylic board.

With all of these, I scraped my Mother’s heart.

Despite of all what I have done, She still bears and embraces, the children all covered with thorns.

33 Mother…

I now want to be a child who resembles you.

The path of pain and sacrifice that you have walked, I also want to consider it to be the path that I must walk, and follow you with thanks.

With an arrogant mind, I would have never received the blessings of the Holy Spirit.

That is why Mother gave me a realization through this small routine.

I give earnest thanks to Heavenly Mother for allowing me this realization.

I want to be a child with a broad mind who can cover up even the faults of our brothers and sisters.

I love You Mother.

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