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[Essay] A Meal _ Christ Ahnsahnghong_God the Mother_WMSCOG

A mealWorld Mission Society Church of God

“…the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.” (Isa 53: 5)

When I was having lunch after reading this verse recently, a thought flitted through my mind.3

“Do I, as a mere sinner deserve to have this wonderful meal?”

On the table, there were boiled rice, some various side dishes and even delicious stew.

What about Father Ahnsahnghong?

He would never have had even a chance to eat one single bowl of warm rice in this world.

ELEN060600279Thinking of Heavenly Father who would have preached in the mountain, alleviating His hunger with hardtack and streams, my eyes suddenly ached with tears.

Then I realized that just as Father was whipped for me, such a prodigal sinner, all hunger and raggedness were suffered by Him as well.

Even though I always eat square three meals a day, I have never thought about where this peace and comfort we are enjoying right now might come from.

Without the sacrifice and love of God the Father, and God the Mother. We never exist right now.

Our Father Ahnsahngong!

I am sorry but give thanks to You. Even though You always starved, You used to give something to Your children.

Father always loves me with sincerity, even though I continue to commit a sin against Him.

78Now, as Father asked us to do, I would like to become children of God, who follows Mother until the end wherever She goes. I intensely miss Father.

I hope we could be with Father and Mother soon..



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