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40Large eyes that can see far-away distance…

Long lashes that protects its eyes from sandstorms…

Humps that are used to store fat…

The camel in a documentary channel caught my eyes.

Camels have been evolving to be suitable in the desert, and hardly every run. They don’t have any natural enemies, but when they are under the scorching sun; their temperature rises and use up all their energy that they have stored. That’s why camels walk slowly and peacefully on the sand, using their cushion-like, round flat soles.

35You can get this sense, of the camels’ calmness during their delivery.

When it is time for their delivery, even camels raised by the nomads deliberately walk away to a far distant place and quietly undergo through labor all by themselves.

In the documentary, they caught a scene of an actual camel tolerably delivering its calf all by itself.

The camel and its calf didn’t return, though the nomad waited for three days. The two nomads got on a motorcycle and began searching for the camel and its calf.

Though they found them, the calf couldn’t even balance its body with its weak legs.

Finding no other alternative, they got it on the motorcycle and took off where the flock of other camels stayed.

41 The mother camel seemed to following the motorcycle slowly. When the motorcycle started to speed up with a splutter, the mother camel started to run with all its strength.


Panting, the mother camel didn’t stop and ran continuously on its maximum speed. Seeing the mother camel urgently racing for its calf, my heart also pounded quickly.

The camel was running, fearing that it might recede from its calf. It looked so pitiful because it was forgetting that its temperature was rising, and its energy was running out.

37Camels’ maternal love goes on extreme, when their calves die.

When a calf dies, the nomads leave its body openly as an aerial sepulture, for it to decay naturally. They would always take the mother camel with them when this took place.

That’s because the mother camel, remembering its calf’s scent over a year, would always go back to the place where its calf’s body was laid.

One of the camels that lost its calf went back to that place after three days. It stayed near its calf’s cold body for a long time.

36  Maybe the mother needs some time to bury its calf in its heart. When the mother camel misses its calf, it soon comes back to the same place.

Panting and running for its calf, swallowing its sadness in the place where its calf’s body was laid, and coming back to its dwelling place…

All this; the mother camel’s love resembles our Heavenly Mother’s love.

Heavenly Mother came running, down to this earth with a burning heart, to find Her children who were separated in Heaven.

3Neglecting Mother who was running heart-brokenly, I regret my past when I was insisting my own way.

The path of spiritual desert would have been so harsh for Her, and yet She carries all Her children’s pile of sins. I regret myself and pray a prayer of repentance for Mother, who would have been hurt even in Her deepest heart.

I want to change Her tears of sorrow to a smile. The tears that She had shed so much for this child…

Step by step, I want to fill my lacking character and faith, and become a child giving a pleasing smile to our Heavenly Mother.


▶  World Mission Society Church of God(WMSCOG) believes in  The Spirit [Christ Ahnsahnghong] and the Bride [God the Mother] are prophesied to appear in the age of the Holy Spirit to give eternal life to all mankind.(Rev22:17)

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