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[Essay]Love is “Waiting”_World Mission Society Church of God_WMSCOG_

When I was in elementary school, I always tried to memorize the multiplication tables after supper.
Day by day, I would go and on memorizing after school.
Finally, it was the day when I succeeded.28
My parents were full of smiles, and I was really proud of myself.

Since I was a slow learner, being anxious, I would always complain to my parents.
My parents would then just smile and pat my shoulders.

Looking at my exam papers full of red marks just like a red shower, they would have been more anxious than me thinking, “What if my child is way behind others?”

But they would never push me to study, but waited until I did well by myself.
Thinking of how my parents in my childhood, I believe my parents’ life was an “endless waiting.”


When I was in my mother’s womb, they waited for me to be born for a time of 10 months.
Even when I first started to walk, when I first started to talk, they waited.
I would cry day and night and would have annoyed them, not wanting to be apart from them for even a moment.

Though I got sick frequently making them always feel anxious, all that they remembered about me was a cute little baby toddling and saying “mommy or daddy.”
Though I was slow and lacking compared to other children, they would think it’s their entire fault and felt sorry.

15They would always take care of me as an apple of their eyes, fed me the best food, and always prayed for me to grow well.
Parents call this kind of love, “the elders’ love for the young,” or “parental love.”
The source of this love comes from the continuous time of waiting, and from the infinite belief towards their child.

Our Heavenly Parents, who came down to this earth to find Their lost children…
Our Heavenly Parents’ love is much more than that.

1“Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you! (Isa 49:15)”

Like how it says, Heavenly Mother willingly came with lowly clothes of a sinner.
Heavenly Parents’ love is so deep that they would never give up though the children are slow to realize. Their children found in the long time of waiting, for 6,000 years.

They would always cover the children’s sins, always give teachings full of love, guide them to the best ways, and always praise them even for their small efforts.

Though They would never have a day without worry or concern towards Their children, They would earnestly pray for them all night long, always firmly believing that their immature children would realize.

Through all this, they would forget Their safety.14

Thinking about the heart of my Heavenly Parents, I look back, if I was truly a good daughter.

Though Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother is pleased seeing Their children uniting with each other, rather embracing my brothers and sisters with love, didn’t I push them away from me just because they were different from me?

Though Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother always waiting and endured, rather waiting for my brothers and sisters to realize, didn’t I just gave up on them?

Thinking about my past, I can’t lift up my head being so sorry and embarrassed to my Heavenly Parents.
Though I said I knew Their hearts, those were the days which I never really tried to put Their words into actions.

I truly thank Heavenly Father(Christ Ahnsahnghong) and Heavenly Mother(God the Mother) for loving me, and waiting for a long time for this weak child to realize.

27From now on, I will love my brothers and sisters, even the parts they are lacking, understand, help them, and walk the way of the gospel work which Elohim God is pleased with.


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2 replies on “[Essay]Love is “Waiting”_World Mission Society Church of God_WMSCOG_”

The child is everything to parents
The children of God are everything to Heavenly father ahnsahnghong n Heavenly Mother
That’s why they have come to the earth where sinners living

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