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[Essay] My mom is the best!_ World Mission Society Church of God

My 10-year old son is affectionate especially to me, his mom.91

With sincerity, he says I am more beautiful than any other pretty entertainers on TV, which makes me feel good.

“My mom is the most beautiful.”

“Can I marry you when I am grown-up?”

“You are perfectly slim.”

Hearing his absurd and non-sense comment, I laugh away myself gigglingly but I don’t feel bad though.

39One day when it rained on and off, he was about go to the institute and I got him an umbrella in his hand.

“Sweetheart, be sure to wear umbrella when it rains.”

“ OK, mom. See you later. Oh, my friends! Mom, I’m leaving. Hey, let’s go together.”

He is running after his friends, bouncing like a spring.

Grown-up as an only child without siblings, he loves friends so much that he readily gives his newly toys away.

This son, however seemed to have given a slap on the head of his friend with umbrella and run away before getting out of the street entry.

“oh, no.. what is he doing?”

Although I got worried, I couldn’t just go and ask at once, but only had to wait for him to come back.

Returning from the institute, he seemed to be very happy and bright as usual, as if nothing really happened at all.

“Sweetheart, why did you hit your friend with an umbrella and run away?36

It is not a thing to hit others but to use when it rains. Why did you do that?”

“Mom, he said my mom looks ugly. You are the most beautiful, aren’t you?

I was just floored but then felt kind of dwarfed at that moment.

The reason was that Heavenly Mother suddenly flashed in my mind. Then I got to look back on myself in the past.

Questioning myself how much I have felt proud of Heavenly Mother, I had no choice but to feel sorry and even shame because I have always been admitting myself children of Mother.

Even though I know I am such a prodigal sinner, I used to hold my righteous indignation and oppose to those who slander the truth and even Heavenly Mother.

I truly give all thanks and praise to Heavenly Father(Christ Ahnsahnghong) and Heavenly Mother(God the Mother)for allowing me to reflect upon myself as well as my mind toward Heavenly Mother through my boy having a purse heart toward his mom.

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5 replies on “[Essay] My mom is the best!_ World Mission Society Church of God”

The beautiful n great word in the world is ” Mother ”
The word of Mother contains lots of meaning
Love, humble,sacrifice, safety zone……….
Earthly Mother is the copy n shadow of what is in heaven one (Hebs 8:5~)
Heavenly Mother’s love is higher than the love of earthly mother

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