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On Sunday afternoon, I had some time left after preaching.

fesus100600215Suddenly, ‘Roola’ brought to my mind. She was a female youth whom I met and studied the Bible with last week, even though I couldn’t see her again because of her tight schedule since then.

Hoping to see her to give a brochure, I headed for the shopping mall where she works.

I thought a short time should be enough to see her but the shopping mall was literally a sea of people.

87I didn’t even know how long it took to find the parking space. Various kinds of people were fully packed, gathering together with family and friends.

Normally, I used to see her from a distance and turned back, worrying if she could feel uncomfortable, since her coworker and boss were always at the store.

That day, however, Roola was the only one at the store for some reasons, despite it was a very busy day.

I sincerely gave thanks to Heavenly Father(Christ Ahnsahnghong) and Mother(God the Mother). I passed on the brochure about the Passover and Heavenly Mother to Roola, who felt sorry not to have contacted me because of her busy schedule.

48We finally decided to meet again sometime and have a bible study together. I was going to come back to Zion (WMSCOG; World Mission Society Church of God) but it was difficult to do that because there were many people gathered together, who should hear of the good news about Heavenly Father and Mother.

So, I decided to take a few minutes to preach the words of God and then leave. Now that people seemed to be free afternoon, there were many people who listened to preaching. Meanwhile, one female youth started to speak after watching UCC about the Spirit and the Bride.

“Oh, I know this. It is about God the Mother, isn’t it?”46

“Do you know Her?”

“Yes, God the Mother. I have heard about it.”

Her name was Christy and she said she has heard about Heavenly Mother when she used to go to a University from 2 hours distance.

60Moving in after graduating school, she lost contact with people who used to deliver the words of God to her but now, she could hear the truth about Heavenly Mother once again.

In the United States of America consisting of 50 states, it has large land and countless people enough to say there are 50 different countries gathered.

I was so glad to meet someone who has heard of the truth in this far place. While preaching to others after exchanging contact numbers and saying hi to her, I could meet a female youth, ‘Christine’.

However, this youth clearly remember Heavenly Mother even though she said she couldn’t study the Bible that much.

I strongly felt she must be the one Heavenly Mother is anxiously searching for.47

That way, I was given a mission to deliver the water of life to souls who have the seeds of words in hearts, which were scattered through Mother’s love. At that moment, I could feel how much love Mother has toward even one single soul despite he/she does not realize the truth at all. Mother does not give up on him/her and rather with full of care and efforts, She keeps sending the messengers so he/she could hear the truth again.

80Under the love and sacrifice of Mother who never gives up one single soul, the gospel continues to be spread around the whole world.

Now I could see what the gospel is about with Mother’s heart and mind. That day, Mother awoke me, who used to preach the words of God from a sense of duty at some point.
I give thanks to God who allows this sinful child to step outside today and participate in the gospel of Mother’s love.
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God the Mother give us eternal life and endless love.
We are children of promise who preaching the heaven gospel and love of God.

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