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[Essay] Because She is Our Mother_ God the Mother_ WMSCOG

For a while it seemed like the cold weather was over, but it was cold again.

Because of this genial weather, my second son constantly took off his coat for few days.

At last, he started to cough and had fever.

I continuously told him to wear his coat, but he wouldn’t just listen.38

After supper, I gave him some medicine and tucked him to bed early.

Our whole family happened to sleep early that day, and I also fell asleep being exhausted.

How much did I sleep?

I heard my child moaning silently in his room.

Instinctively, I got up and went for my child.

My child was calling me with high fever.ELEN060600279

On the other hand, my eldest son in the other room was peacefully asleep.

Surely I am a heavy sleeper. I didn’t know how I heard that small sound, that very fainting voice…

I thought it was fortunate that I heard it.

As I laid a cold towel on his forehead, I was moved to tears.

“This is the reason why our Heavenly Mother came for us!”

Is there any other reason needed for our Mother(God the Mother) to come to this world, other than for Her children dying in pain?89

It is I, who always make mistakes, and it is our Mother, who bears all the costs.

However, She never leaves me but stays close by my side.

Since I am a person who would never wake up even when it thundered, I could surely realize Mother’s love through my second child.

Though I also had fever and had a flu, because I am a mother, I first worry about my child.

Because Heavenly Mother is with me, I believe I can overcome all kinds of illness that this world may give.

Thank You Mother!


_We believe in Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother as our Elohim God in this age of Holy Spirit._

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8 replies on “[Essay] Because She is Our Mother_ God the Mother_ WMSCOG”

I know Heavenly mother is my mother, it is bc she is really my mother, No one in this world can love me like her. All thanks and glory be to Heavenly mother for allowing me to be your child !

She needs for us and that is why she has to come down. God the mother is waiting for the lost children to come back asap.

This is Mother’s Love. We can not understand Mother’s love at that time.However we’ll recognize after the lapse of time that Mother give us the unconditional love.

Heavenly mother is always with me and listen to my voice, although i am not a obedient child. She gives me everything for no other reason than that i am her child.
I hope whole world will recognize her unfailing and devotional love some day.

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