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[Essay] 36.5 Degrees is the Secret of Love _WMSCOG_World Mission Society Church of God

I always wondered why a normal body temperature was 36.5 degrees.dremesov070400002

I got that answer yesterday through a fragrance.

Why is the body temperature 36.5 degrees?

Answer: God created men with that temperature for them to love each other for 365 days.

Hearing that fragrance, my heart was warmly touched.

I could feel that Heavenly Mother loves us so much, that She had given each one of us, this true message of love.

On the other hand, my heart ached, thinking that our sins are too heavy that we have to love each other without rest, for 365 days.

One of the brothers in Zion(WMSCOG) said to me,

“If your hands are so cold, though you place your hands near a heater or inside your blanket, it’s not easy for them to get warm again. But if you hold someone’s warm hands, it thaws quickly.”

Heavenly Mother(God the Mother) always holds our hands warmly.

Just by thinking of Her warm heart embracing us, my heart becomes warm with joy.

Holding our brothers’ and sisters’ hands warmly beforehand…사본 - 34

I believe a warm cozy hug is the start of sharing Mother’s love.

When the body temperature rises one degree from 36.5 degrees, you will have fever and a headache.

On the other way, when the temperature lowers one degree below 36.5 degrees, you may risk yourself with hypothermia.

All of a sudden, I began to realize…

The true meaning of 36.5 degrees is Heavenly Father(Christ Ahnsahnghong)s earnest request to not forget Heavenly Mother‘s devoted love; not even a day out of 365 days.

I surely must not forget Elohim God‘s message that was engraved in my heart with God’s love.

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