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[Essay] Mom’s 30 Minutes _WMSCOG_God the Mother_Christ Ahnsahnghong


Seeing out my husband going to work, I tried to catch up on my sleep.

How much did I sleep?
My son, who slept quite early last night, got up early and insisted he was hungry.
As I sat slowly on my bed, I noticed that I got up 30 minutes later than usual.

35“Gosh! I’m late! I’m late! I need to take you to the institute and I have to get to my appointment!”

I rushed, gave my son breakfast, grabbed my jacket and my bag, and left the house.
I was stamping on my feet repeatedly, at the place where the bus stopped to pick my son.
I was worrying the bus might arrive late.
Of course, the bus didn’t arrive on time, which gave me a tantalizing situation.

“Oh well, what can we do? Greg, why don’t you wait here alone? I’m sure the bus will come soon.”

I left my son there, and hurriedly went for my appointment.

“Hey sister, what makes you rush this early?

It was a sister of my church who lived in the same town.70

“Oh, I don’t think it’s that early. It had passed eight already.”

“Huh? What are you talking about? It’s not even eight yet.”

Looking at my watch again, I noticed it wasn’t half past eight, but half past seven.
Suddenly something sparked my mind.

“Greg!!! My goodness!”

Realizing I have left my son an hour early on that block, I ran.
But he was gone.

90I tried to find him all around the nearest places where he could be: security office, playground, even near the institute. I even requested an announcement in my apartment, but he didn’t appear.

“Greg! Greg! Where are you? Oh please…”

I don’t know how much time has passed.
Anxiously and with haste, I was looking for my son.
Suddenly, I received a call from the institute.

He mistakenly got in a bus that runs to an elementary school, thinking that the bus was taking to his institute.
With a sigh of relief, my knees buckled.
I checked my watch and surprisingly only 30 minutes had passed.91
I couldn’t have imagined 30 minutes would have felt this long.
For a mom losing her child, 30 minutes was indeed a long time.

My eyes welled up.
I couldn’t possibly stop my tears that came out with a surge of sorrow.

“Losing my son for just 30 minutes, I anxiously wandered all around to find him!

77How heartbroken would our Heavenly Mother be finding Her lost children, the apple of Her eye, for a long time, 6,000 years?
Though She is mocked, scorned and ridiculed, She endures just because She misses Her children so much!”
All of a sudden, I felt something that I couldn’t possibly express with words.

“This is it. This is God’s heart. True love towards Their children.

But did I really try to find my lost brothers and sisters with this heart?
Though I said I have realized God the Father and God the Mother‘s love, did I really try to find Their children like today’s 30 minutes?
Asking myself and realizing how unfaithful daughter I was to God, I really hated myself.

Heavenly Father(Christ Ahnsahnghong) and Heavenly Mother78

Though I cannot describe Their grace with words, allowing this daughter who didn’t realize the “heart of a mother losing her child,” I give all thanks and love to Them for this realization.

I will engrave this realization deep down in my heart, and I will be a daughter who surely does the best to find the long lost brothers and sisters.


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