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142Are you trying to find out Information about WMSCOG, World Mission Society Church of God ??? We, WMSOCG believes in Elohim God and celebrates the New Covenant Passover according to God’s teaching of the bible!!!

Now, let us  know why we(WMSCOG) should keep the Passover!

   [The Passover which gives Salvation in Disaster]


 Nowadays many disasters happen around us. If we try to be careful to avoid from disaster, we can’t live as normal lifeThere are lots of disasters like world wars, earthquake,the eruption of a volcano, tsunami, 2009 flu pandemic, comet impact etc..

 But  amazing fact is that all these things have been prophesied in the bible!!

212There would be an increase in earthquakes– 
Mt 24:2,3,7; Mk 13:8; Lk 21:11. 
This prophecy is correct! That’s 9 out of 9.

Note: One might think as the earth settled over a period of time that earthquakes would decrease like ripples in the water. Yet the Bible indicates the opposite is true. In this last generation, research from the U.S. Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information Center reveals that major earthquakes of a magnitude of 6.0 or higher have remained relatively constant during this century. However, the total number of earthquakes in recent years appear to be rising. For example, it was reported that in 1986, the total number of earthquakes was 12,718. In l990, it was 16,612. In 1994, it was 19,371. This will culminate during the Battle of Armageddon, AFTER THE TRIBULATION OF THOSE DAYS. At that time, there will be an earthquake that will shake the world. The cities of the nations will fall. Every island will flee away.  (* refer to below)

earthquake present

20120308_173259At the time of the end, there would be famines in various places. Food shortages would still exist in some places -Mt 24:3,4,7; ref Mk 13:8; Lk 21:11. This prophecy is accurate, too!! That’s 10 out of 10.

Note: In this last generation, many are starving in the world. Poverty and crop failure, due to severe weather, drought, or insect infestation, are often a factor. Many people are born, live, and die on the streets, in alleyways, or railroad stations in some countries of the world. Multitudes live in mud houses with grass or palm branches for a roof or have no place to live at all. Billions have no electricity. In some nations, good drinking water is almost nonexistent. Senseless wars have left millions of people with no place to go. Refugee camps exist in many places where people live under conditions that are almost indescribable. They are hungry.

One such person was asked, as I recall, “What would it take for you to consider yourself rich?” His reply was, “I would consider myself rich, if I could have a roof over my head that did not leak, and if I could know what it is like to go to bed at night with a full stomach.”   It has been estimated that 60,000,000 people a year die from starvation around the world. This prophecy is accurate!

214Furthermore, the Bible already gave  a Warning a long time ago that the day burning like a furnace would come and everything would be destroyed by fire -(Mal 4:1-3; 2 Pe 3:8-13)

But we don’t need to be afraid of this all disasters!!  Because God has promised us to save with the Passover. The Passover means disasters pass over us. We can see many examples in the bible. (Ex 12:1-13, 2 Ch 30:1, 2 Ki 19:30-35) 


Was the Passover effective for God”s people to escape disasters only in the time of the Exodus,and did it lose its effect after the Exodus? Not at all !!!  The Passover is the Covenant of God, which must be celebrated as a lasting ordinance for the generations to come, even until the end of the age~!
And,the New Covenant Passover is the truth which Christ established through His precious flesh and blood to save us, sinners, who were destined for eternal death.

I really thank to
Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother !!! Because, You have also given us, Your children, a gracious promise to let all disasters pass over us, who abide in the New Covenant Passover, at the Last JudgmentI’m not worried about any disasters no longer!!! 😉

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